Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Special Guests to the Tablet Blog

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are about to add a new dimension to our tablet blog. We decided that you have probably had enough of me wittering on about how wonderful these tablet thingies are - you probably want to hear it from the ones that know - that's right, the weans! Therefore Arlene and I are going to get the Tablet Children (as we so affectionately call them) to post some entries onto this blog. We want them to tell you all about their use of the tablets and for them to be totally truthful. No bribery will be involved unless they get personal. We are also going to ATTEMPT to post on some pics of their work.
I had a wee peek at another blog which looks a lot of fun for the children to interact with - www.talkingteds.blogspot.com (I think that's right). Over the next couple of weeks I am going to encourage the children to leave some comments and maybe get some ideas for their own blogs, as it is a very bright and attractive blog.
Talking of other blogs, we've got another one on the go - it is called www.portellenbookreview.blogspot.com This blog is going to be run by the children in our school and the adult Port Ellen Book Group. The book group have been working hard in preparation for Port Ellen Book Festival, which will be on June 17th and 18th. We have a mixture of children's and adult's authors coming to speak at the festival. We thought the blog would be a good forum for people to share reviews of the authors' books and leave comments. I have just been at a meeting of the book group tonight and the ladies are keen to leave reviews. If you are a keen reader, keep an eye on it. It's still fairly new, so be patient and we will put more info on as and when we get time - ahem.
I digress - I'm a bit of a blether when I get started! Speak to you soon. KJ

March 2006-More fun with 2Create

It's been a funny old month. We have had a visit from John McPhee and Andrew Brown to tie up the evaluation of the project. Gulp! Eighteen months have just flown by! Andrew asked me how I felt about my involvement in the project and I said (now no smirking) I felt priveleged to have been part of all of this. Never has my interest or enthusiasm been any less than keen because this whole process has been so fascinating. We have been witness to a taste of how our children are going to learn in the future. Sometimes when I call into the classroom to watch the children working on the tablets I am still amazed at the relaxed and confident atmosphere. Everyone is engaged in their learning - even she who will remain nameless! Last night I dropped by the after school story writing club run by Arlene. The children are using 2Create(FAB,FAB,FAB) to make a story using text and pictures. While I was blethering to one of the children he said 'Oh, by the way MrsJohnston, I can make my pictures interactive'. This wee guy had discovered how to link sound and movement to an image, then make it interactive! After I had picked myself up off the floor my mind started whirring and I was gabbling to Arlene about class stories which we could put on the Smartboard for the pre5 unit and infants to interact with. Suffice to say this wee discovery is going to take us off on another fun filled learning journey. Buckle up and enjoy the ride! KJ