Sunday, January 22, 2006

Great start to the New Year

Hello there everyone. After our very busy festive season we are now back to some form of normallity and the tablets are still in full swing and as good as ever. I've recently introduced the class into the world of 'Blogg' with our tablets. Our first venture was writing a blogg about what the children are learning in their environmental studies topic which is called 'Britain since the 1930's.' Not only is this great that the children can use their tablets to post work online themselves but it also assesses their learning. This activity has highly motivated the children and has given them a real purpose for the topic.

We have also started taking weather readings from our station everyday and posting these on our Blogg. If you want to check out the weather at port-ellen primary school just visit

Next week I'm starting an after school club on writing using ICT. We intend to use the software package 2create which is on all of the tablets. This software creates slide shows which I'm hoping will be a stimulating and motivating way for the children to write and illustrate their own book. We were having a few small problems with 2create with some of the tablets freezing but we were very quickly sent the updated version so our problems will be a thing of the past.

We have lots of plans for the tablets this term and hopefully I'll be able to update you on a regular basis.

Speak to you again soon