Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Joint Venture

Hello again!We have been very busy with our tablets over the past few weeks and we have used them with different classes. However, before I write about that I would like to introduce you to Arlene McKerrell, our P5/6 class teacher. I have just introduced Arlene to the world of blogging and we are going to submit a joint entry to the blog today. To make it easy for Arlene I am going to ask her some questions to give us an idea of her first impressions of the tablet project, so welcome to my world, Arlene!

What are your first impressions of the tablet project?
The tablets are fantastic! I feel that they are a great learning and teaching resource. What a fantastic way to motivate children!
Can you give us examples of activities you have used the tablets with?
Where do I start? We have used the internet to do comparisons of farms in India and Scotland; we investigated different rainforests in Science; we used different applications to create mazeltov cards for RE; we did a shared writing activity which encouraged the children to explore talking within the writing prrocess; mental maths using the tablets (great fun!). We also use the tablets in every day situations when the children feel they need them.
What are the downsides of using the tablets?
The only downside we came across has been the application 2Create freezing, which has been resolved. There has been the occasional problem with internet provision, but that has been to do with problems within the network. Oh, and remembering to keep them charged!
Thank you for your first thoughts, Arlene - delighted to see they are so positive (she must have a great mentor!)
I promise to make a submission in the near future to let you know about some of my observations . From now on Arlene and I will finish each submission with our initials, just to give you an idea of who has written it. Speak to you soonKJ & AMcK


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