Thursday, September 29, 2005

The End of Session

Hello again! It has been a LONG time since I have made an entry, humble apologies! I thin k the absence of entries is reflective of how busy life is just now! At least you know I am a real teacher with a real family - husband, two weans, a dog and two goldfish ( imminent arrival of two rabbits because of wean number one's eighth birthday!). However, I have sought out time to devote to you, dear reader to update you in life with our tablets.

Our end of term was hectic at Port Ellen, just like every other primary school in Scotland. In amongst beach parties, sports, etc. I was trying hard to round off our first year using the tablets. We produced some wonderful slideshows using 2Create, which we linked to our renewable energy topic. By the end of the term the children were experimenting with animation of their drawings. I do wish we had had the time to experiment further as I feel the children were capable of producing even more intricate pieces of work. I am looking forward to building on these skills in the new session.

The idea was to present the slideshows to the rest of the school at our next Eco School assembly, but it didn't happen due to time running out, as usual. Instead, we had a class show, where the children presented their slideshows to their classmates.

With the last term of the academic year over, I had time to reflect on our progress so far. The questions I asked myself and the children were-

What contribution do the tablets make to learning and teaching?
How do the tablets affect the way the children learn?
How have the tablets changed my style of teaching?

These questions are at the very heart of the project and cannot be taken lightly. Andrew Brown and I have been working together to evaluate the project using a recognised tool. This has allowed us to study in more detail the impact the tablets have made on our school lives. The findings of our evaluation will be made available to those interested at a later date.


Anonymous David Clements said...

Hello Kathleen

This sounds really interesting. Can I ask what happens next - do the tablets move with the children so that they can develop their skills further? Or are they left for the benefit of the new P.4/5 children? What will be the effects of either route? Or have you managed to find a way to attract funding to follow both courses together? Tell us more!!


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