Friday, May 06, 2005

Term 4 - A New Focus

A new term and a new focus for our work on the tablets - this term we are going to be exploring the world of multimedia! Last week I introduced the children to the Appleworks Presentation application, as I had some slideshows made by other children to show them as examples. As an introduction we looked at a couple of examples and discussed them. We then explored why we would use a slideshow and what sort of things we could do with one. At this point I explained that the tablet partners were going to be split - half the children were going off to make a traybake (Heinemann 4 & 5 Maths - measure!) and the other half were going to begin a slideshow which would explain how to make the traybake. When the bakers returned they would take over the slideshow and the rest of the class would have a turn at measuring and cooking. The children had about 15 minutes to put together a rough plan and then half went off to bake. The children had to make up a slideshow with at least 4 slides. This task went on for the afternoon but what fun we had! The slideshows were completed and the traybakes were made. We sat and looked at the slideshows while eating the traybakes on Friday afternoon. By carrying out these activities in such a way we were able to cover maths - measure, Language - functional writing, and ICT - presentation work - a successful afternoon’s work which only lasted an afternoon - the slideshow did not eat into the following week because the children were new to the application but familiar with the skills required to carry out the task.This week we are trying out a new piece of software called 2Create, made by 2Simple. It’s a multimedia package which we have just started to get to grips with - I think it ‘s got a lot of potential for use with the tablets. I’ll let you know how we get on!


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