Thursday, March 24, 2005

Fun at Pre-5

This month we had a visit from one of the authority’s education officers, Andrew Brown. It was interesting for us to see what he thought about our use of the tablets. In preparation for Andrew’s visit, I had the children think about the tablets, and gave them four key questions -
What do you like the most about the tablets?
What do you like least about the tablets?
How do the tablets help you learn?
What would make the tablets better?

The type of responses were-
I like going on the internet, I like using the pen, it makes my handwriting neater, it makes learning fun, you can do work quicker, the keyboard should be in alphabetical order, it should have a touch screen, the battery should stay charged for longer.

Andrew was pleased to see that the children were relaxed and confident in their use of the tablets. They could show him examples of their work saved in folders, answer questions about their use of the tablets and also make the decision to choose another resource to carry out a task when they felt that the tablet was not appropriate.

We also spent a very pleasant session in the Pre-5 unit, with the older children showing the Pre-5s how to draw a picture on the tablets. They took their ‘wee person’ up to the printer to watch their picture being printed off. It was great to see how my children taught the younger children the different skills they needed to draw on the tablet. Some of the children were better at passing on the skills than others, but they were all successful in their task, with a picture for the Pre-5 wall and a picture for the wee ones to take home to show mum and dad!