Friday, February 18, 2005

Using the Tablets in a Series of Activities

We have been doing a health topic on being a health promoting school. The children have had to -

-identify aspects of being a health promoting school
-create a checklist in pairs to survey a particular group within the school -eg. parents, classes
-using the results from the checklists create an action plan identifying 3 areas for improvement
-create posters to promote positive aspects of a health promoting school

For every activity listed above, we have used our tablets. We have-

-brainstormed in Windows Journal
-created tables for the checklist and the action plan in Appleworks 6 - this ties in with Infor mation Handling in their Maths and ICT forward plan
-created posters using either Appleworks 6 or Windows Journal

Once again the tablets have enhanced the quality of results the children have come up with. The children are becoming quicker at completing tasks and are becoming more adventurous in applying skills they have learned. The rate of progress within each series of lessons is increasing with the use of the tablets.


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