Friday, February 18, 2005

Mind Mapping with the Tablet

At the beginning of our topic on The Victorians I asked the children to make a mind map of all they knew about this period of time. I told them we would save these mind maps and look at them again when our topic was finished.
When we had completed our topic, the children opened up their mind maps and added all the extra information they had learned about The Victorians. This time they used a different colour to write with so that they could see clearly how much more they knew about the topic. This not only showed the children how their knowledge had increased, but also gave me a great piece of evidence for both pre and post topic assessment.
This activity could have been done on paper, but the tablets were able to produce multiple copies and once again, the children were not distracted by fetching different coloured pens, every resource needed for the activity was at their fingertips.


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