Friday, February 18, 2005

Evaluation of ICT Skills

At the beginning of this pilot I created an evaluation tool based on the 5-14 levels within ICT. I was curious about how the tablets would affect the children’s progress within ICT. I gave out the children a grid with each of the ICT strands on it. P4 ‘s grid was at Level B and P5’s was at Level C. We went over what each strand meant and how tthey transferred to class work.The children scored each strand with a + for something they were confident in, an = if they were not confident in something, and a - if they were completely unsure of something. At base, the results were fairly good, especially from P4 within Level B.
Six months on the children filled in the grids again and I am amazed at the progress the children feel they have made! I plan to hand out a Level C grid to the P4s as I am sure they will be confident in many aspects of it.
The areas the children feel less confident in - mainly multimedia work, will be covered over the next few months.

The results have reassured me that working in pairs has not affected the children’s perception of their individual learning. We work hard to ensure that the children use the tablets fairly through taking turns. They also feel they have learned lots through collaborative learning. Mind you, we have not been without the odd quarrel!

Using the Tablets in a Series of Activities

We have been doing a health topic on being a health promoting school. The children have had to -

-identify aspects of being a health promoting school
-create a checklist in pairs to survey a particular group within the school -eg. parents, classes
-using the results from the checklists create an action plan identifying 3 areas for improvement
-create posters to promote positive aspects of a health promoting school

For every activity listed above, we have used our tablets. We have-

-brainstormed in Windows Journal
-created tables for the checklist and the action plan in Appleworks 6 - this ties in with Infor mation Handling in their Maths and ICT forward plan
-created posters using either Appleworks 6 or Windows Journal

Once again the tablets have enhanced the quality of results the children have come up with. The children are becoming quicker at completing tasks and are becoming more adventurous in applying skills they have learned. The rate of progress within each series of lessons is increasing with the use of the tablets.

Mind Mapping with the Tablet

At the beginning of our topic on The Victorians I asked the children to make a mind map of all they knew about this period of time. I told them we would save these mind maps and look at them again when our topic was finished.
When we had completed our topic, the children opened up their mind maps and added all the extra information they had learned about The Victorians. This time they used a different colour to write with so that they could see clearly how much more they knew about the topic. This not only showed the children how their knowledge had increased, but also gave me a great piece of evidence for both pre and post topic assessment.
This activity could have been done on paper, but the tablets were able to produce multiple copies and once again, the children were not distracted by fetching different coloured pens, every resource needed for the activity was at their fingertips.