Monday, December 20, 2004

An Interesting Point

We recently used the tablets within an RE activity. The children were to design a poster advertising the value of Jesus’s parables and they had to use Zacchaeus as an example. I was using this activity as an assessment of the work we had covered on the parables of Jesus.
The children completed their posters and printed them off and I was very pleased with their hard work. Yes, they were colourful and yes, they were fairly well laid out, but I knew the tablets would enhance the appearance of their posters. What I didn’t expect was the quality of the contents of each poster. I told the children how pleased I was with the posters and we discussed why the activity had been so successful. These were the childrens’ answers-
-the tablets have every colour we need
-the pens can go as thick or as thin as you want
-you don’t need to go and get different pens
-the pens don’t run out
This meant that the children could remain focused on their activity without being distracted by fetching coloured pens etc. The motivation was also there because of the variety of colours available.
I found the points raised within this activity very interesting. Up until now, I underestimated the knock on effect the graphics side of the tablet would have on the childrens’ learning. I regarded having a wide range of colours and pen widths as being an attractive add-on, but now I can see that this facitlity enhances the quality of the childrens’ learning.


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