Friday, October 22, 2004

Preparing for the Pilot

As soon as we were aware of our involvement in Argyll and Bute's tablet pilot, we decided to invest in a tablet of our own. We wanted to become more familiar with these new beasties before the pilot began. The authority provided us with another tablet, which meant that two classes - P5/6/7 and P4/5 - were able to experiment with the machines for the remainder of the session -April to June 2004.
The children made use of the tablets in ways which were most familiar to them - going online, word-processing, graphics work and information handling. Several of the older children experimented with the text conversion and speech recognition tools.
At the end of the session the children completed a simple evaluation of the two tablets. Results showed that the children enjoyed using the tablets within tasks and found the pen easy to use however impressions were that the intitial interest was a novelty factor.
The main purpose of allowing the children to become more familiar with the tablets was achieved. We were now looking forward to the arrival of the remaining nine tablets and starting the pilot in earnest.


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